Montag, 25. Oktober 2010

Some advices for PvP pt2

So now I wont tell you something about a specific PvP Mode. I'm just going to tell you some general stuff you should know for PvP.
First of all i'll give u some basics about playing warrior other other meeleclasses in PvP.
In the early days of GW you usually started with attacking the monk because he was the only one who could heal and support the group in a good way but now this tactic is outdated. Monks now usually are well prepared for getting attacked by meeles, for example they have a stance which blocks 75% of your attacks and each time it blocks your attacks the monk will gain 5 energy.

So I would recommend you to start attacking a monk if you face one if not start with another 60 AL (armorlevel) class. Attack the monk, when he starts to use his blocking stances switch the target! Switching targets is pretty important at all. Monks doesnt only heal they also protect allies with enchantments so when u attack an enemy the opponent monks will heal and prot him and that's the moment when u have to switch the target.. right at the moment when u see "blocked" this means they used a stance or got an enchantment and are pretty immune towards your attacks for a certain amount of time.. so stop wasting your attacks on this target and select the next one until it also will start blocking your attacks this method will force the monks or the enemy in general to "waste" their spells because each time they prot your target you will switch it.
Knowing that a meeleclass can be pretty devastating!


  1. thanks, i'm noob at pvp, so it's very useful

  2. MONKS MUST DIE is still my motto :P

  3. hmmm pretty sound advice. Didnt think about switching targets.

  4. great content for my content consuming ipad

  5. ill def forward this to my roommate, he plays a ton of WoW haha

  6. Really good ideas, thx for sharing us.