Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010

So there is the new Hall of Monuments Calculator

Some Days ago Anet released some new informations about the effects of the Hall of Monuments in GW2. We are going to get a nice armorset for each armortype, lots of weapons we know from GW1, some pretty nice minipets and very cool titles.

To get these awards you need to acomplish certain things in GW1. For example maxing Titles or giving your hero a heroarmor. Therefor u get points and those points u need to unlock those items,titles and minipets. You dont have to spend the points for the items you just unlock them so its pretty much the same with unlocking skills in GW1.

Anet also wants to give us the opportuinity  to know what titles we have to max, how many minipets we have to dedicate and so on. Therefor they released the Hall of Monuments Calculator. There u just have to type in a charactername and then ull see evrything uve unlocked till now.

Im so far at 43/50 points and im still working on it to get the 50 points. There is still much to do but also much time to do it .
This is the Link for the Calculator