Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2010

My Monk

This is my Monk. Besides the Ranger it was my second Mainchar. My intention when creating the monk was farming. Im not pretty proud of it but yeah..this was my first intention and I also had the 55hp gear but i never farmed pretty much I guess I just wanted to see 55hp in action.

Since leveling took a long time in Prophecies i learned how funny it is to play this class. Ive used Divine Boon all the time because at this time those boon prots were pretty much popular at PvP and in PvE it was a nice-to-have-skill because it increased your heal significantly. I stuck to a build centered aroud this skill for a long time even if i were at max level.

I did lots of things with my monk, for example Fissure of Woe. It was quite funny there because it was not that hard if u have a decent backline and the drops were good too. After clearing the forge many times I decided to craft the Fissure of Woe armor for my monk. It was pretty hard to get the money for all pieces but after some months i got the complete armor and i was pretty much proud of it because it was my first FoW armor at all.

Now, I dont play my monk too much but when I do I tend to play in the Random Arena and gather some Gladiatorpoints to rank up my title. I think I do there a pretty much decent job and most of the time its enough for some victories.


  1. Playing Monk is the hardest class, but satisfying if you play well. I used to love playing LOD infuse in GVG. SO satisfying catching a spike.

  2. Monk was always my favorite GW class, mainly because of the difficulty.