Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010

Some advices for PvP pt3

This will be a short post but it's filled with really important informations.

Im going to tell you something about the movement in PvP and its importance.
Generally it is important to know how much benefits it can have to move all the time in PvP.
When you move, meeles can't hit you as long as they have the same movement speed. You can also dogde projectiles if you move which can be very usefull if facing a ranger or a paragon. But there is something you need to know if you move and the enemy hits you while you move it will allways be a critical hit this can be very harmful if the enemy uses for example a hammer or a scythe. This wont happen if you strafe... you will move slower but you wont get the criticals.
There is another thing you have to pay attention on. There are several skills that punish you if you move. Mostly they deal additional dmg or knock you down which is pretty annoying since you want to escape and not lieing on the ground (: . You have to observe the enemies and instantly stop if they use skills like Water Trident or Bull's Strike (use the cancel button).

I hope I could help you with this info a bit.

Donnerstag, 28. Oktober 2010

Non GW Post!

Sorry for the shitty quality :)
Yes there you see right.. this is a post not about Guild Wars.
Today i finally got my SNES and im pretty excited to play with it all I need now is a composite- scart adapter because i wanna play it on an old tv.
The controllers I got look pretty shit but should do it for the first weeks maybe I'm going to buy some original controllers. Maybe you want me to write in the comments what games i should totally play? Im going to start with Super Mario World because its the only game I have now :o

Montag, 25. Oktober 2010

Some advices for PvP pt2

So now I wont tell you something about a specific PvP Mode. I'm just going to tell you some general stuff you should know for PvP.
First of all i'll give u some basics about playing warrior other other meeleclasses in PvP.
In the early days of GW you usually started with attacking the monk because he was the only one who could heal and support the group in a good way but now this tactic is outdated. Monks now usually are well prepared for getting attacked by meeles, for example they have a stance which blocks 75% of your attacks and each time it blocks your attacks the monk will gain 5 energy.

So I would recommend you to start attacking a monk if you face one if not start with another 60 AL (armorlevel) class. Attack the monk, when he starts to use his blocking stances switch the target! Switching targets is pretty important at all. Monks doesnt only heal they also protect allies with enchantments so when u attack an enemy the opponent monks will heal and prot him and that's the moment when u have to switch the target.. right at the moment when u see "blocked" this means they used a stance or got an enchantment and are pretty immune towards your attacks for a certain amount of time.. so stop wasting your attacks on this target and select the next one until it also will start blocking your attacks this method will force the monks or the enemy in general to "waste" their spells because each time they prot your target you will switch it.
Knowing that a meeleclass can be pretty devastating!

Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010

Some small advices for PvP

So because I see alot of people failing in PvP in GW I wanna share my experiences in PvP with you to become more of a good player.

I wont give you advices for all of the PvP Modes because some of them I dont play anymore.

So today im going to start with the Random Arenas.
The Random Arenas are a good place to collect some basics of PvP but there are some rules you have to follow otherwise you will fail badly.
Rule 1: If you havnt unlocked all the skills/upgrades and runes dont waste your balthazar points on zaishen keys. It is important to have most of the skills unlocked because you never know if u may need them.

Rule 2: Try to have as much hitpoints as possible. The more hitpoints you have the longer you can deal Dmg or protect your group. This also means that you needn't use major or superior Runes except the superior Life and on Warrior the superior Absorbtion.

Rule 3: If you never played PvP before and you dont have any clue what a good build is, just do all of us PvP players the favor and don't build a build on your own. There is one website which contains all of the builds you need to know (click here). Take a build get used to it and get better.

Rule 4: Weaponsets are extremly important for PvP. That means that every profession, although they cant weild it, should have a shield. Even if you dont have any points in tactics or w.e you will get +8 Armor plus the benefits from the shield. Switch your weaponsets with shortkeys you can reach easily for example y x c v (american z x  c v) because you dont need to weild a shield and a mainhand weapon if you dont get attacked.

and Rule 5: I would recommend your not to start with a Warrior, Sin, Dervish because in Random Arenas you will face alot of anti meele stuff and this can get pretty frustrating for you. If you are more experienced you will know what to do to counter it without buildwarsing. Keep in mind that there are alot of hexes and conditions in this game if you dont know them check them out after the battle so you will know what you can do or what not (some skills punish you for attacking/casting or even moving)

I hope thos advices will help you a bit :)