Sonntag, 31. Oktober 2010

Some advices for PvP pt3

This will be a short post but it's filled with really important informations.

Im going to tell you something about the movement in PvP and its importance.
Generally it is important to know how much benefits it can have to move all the time in PvP.
When you move, meeles can't hit you as long as they have the same movement speed. You can also dogde projectiles if you move which can be very usefull if facing a ranger or a paragon. But there is something you need to know if you move and the enemy hits you while you move it will allways be a critical hit this can be very harmful if the enemy uses for example a hammer or a scythe. This wont happen if you strafe... you will move slower but you wont get the criticals.
There is another thing you have to pay attention on. There are several skills that punish you if you move. Mostly they deal additional dmg or knock you down which is pretty annoying since you want to escape and not lieing on the ground (: . You have to observe the enemies and instantly stop if they use skills like Water Trident or Bull's Strike (use the cancel button).

I hope I could help you with this info a bit.

Donnerstag, 28. Oktober 2010

Non GW Post!

Sorry for the shitty quality :)
Yes there you see right.. this is a post not about Guild Wars.
Today i finally got my SNES and im pretty excited to play with it all I need now is a composite- scart adapter because i wanna play it on an old tv.
The controllers I got look pretty shit but should do it for the first weeks maybe I'm going to buy some original controllers. Maybe you want me to write in the comments what games i should totally play? Im going to start with Super Mario World because its the only game I have now :o

Montag, 25. Oktober 2010

Some advices for PvP pt2

So now I wont tell you something about a specific PvP Mode. I'm just going to tell you some general stuff you should know for PvP.
First of all i'll give u some basics about playing warrior other other meeleclasses in PvP.
In the early days of GW you usually started with attacking the monk because he was the only one who could heal and support the group in a good way but now this tactic is outdated. Monks now usually are well prepared for getting attacked by meeles, for example they have a stance which blocks 75% of your attacks and each time it blocks your attacks the monk will gain 5 energy.

So I would recommend you to start attacking a monk if you face one if not start with another 60 AL (armorlevel) class. Attack the monk, when he starts to use his blocking stances switch the target! Switching targets is pretty important at all. Monks doesnt only heal they also protect allies with enchantments so when u attack an enemy the opponent monks will heal and prot him and that's the moment when u have to switch the target.. right at the moment when u see "blocked" this means they used a stance or got an enchantment and are pretty immune towards your attacks for a certain amount of time.. so stop wasting your attacks on this target and select the next one until it also will start blocking your attacks this method will force the monks or the enemy in general to "waste" their spells because each time they prot your target you will switch it.
Knowing that a meeleclass can be pretty devastating!

Sonntag, 24. Oktober 2010

Some small advices for PvP

So because I see alot of people failing in PvP in GW I wanna share my experiences in PvP with you to become more of a good player.

I wont give you advices for all of the PvP Modes because some of them I dont play anymore.

So today im going to start with the Random Arenas.
The Random Arenas are a good place to collect some basics of PvP but there are some rules you have to follow otherwise you will fail badly.
Rule 1: If you havnt unlocked all the skills/upgrades and runes dont waste your balthazar points on zaishen keys. It is important to have most of the skills unlocked because you never know if u may need them.

Rule 2: Try to have as much hitpoints as possible. The more hitpoints you have the longer you can deal Dmg or protect your group. This also means that you needn't use major or superior Runes except the superior Life and on Warrior the superior Absorbtion.

Rule 3: If you never played PvP before and you dont have any clue what a good build is, just do all of us PvP players the favor and don't build a build on your own. There is one website which contains all of the builds you need to know (click here). Take a build get used to it and get better.

Rule 4: Weaponsets are extremly important for PvP. That means that every profession, although they cant weild it, should have a shield. Even if you dont have any points in tactics or w.e you will get +8 Armor plus the benefits from the shield. Switch your weaponsets with shortkeys you can reach easily for example y x c v (american z x  c v) because you dont need to weild a shield and a mainhand weapon if you dont get attacked.

and Rule 5: I would recommend your not to start with a Warrior, Sin, Dervish because in Random Arenas you will face alot of anti meele stuff and this can get pretty frustrating for you. If you are more experienced you will know what to do to counter it without buildwarsing. Keep in mind that there are alot of hexes and conditions in this game if you dont know them check them out after the battle so you will know what you can do or what not (some skills punish you for attacking/casting or even moving)

I hope thos advices will help you a bit :)

Samstag, 23. Oktober 2010

My Assasin

So this is my cute little Assasin. Its a really nice profession to play because u can just spam the fuck out of your brain.

Most assasinplayers abuse this class because of its farmingskills. This class can be nearly invulnerable permanently in PvE and this makes this class to one of the best farmers/runners in GW. I dont like to play the assasin this way because it is boring and doesnt fit to an assasin in my opinion.

Playing assasin with a scythe can be pretty funny because u can your primary attribute to abuse the criticals the scythe can deal.

Next update later!

Sorry guys but u'll have to wait some hours for the next post :)

Donnerstag, 21. Oktober 2010


Yesterday started Halloween and im so happy about it there was also an update for the costume brawl with new skills and some fixes.There will be new Costumes and they look awesome!

Enjoy the this nice Event!

Mittwoch, 20. Oktober 2010

My lovely Paragon

So this is my Paragon. One year ago ive decided to create a paragon and im happy about this decission. It was at the time where there wasnt anything for me to do with my ranger anymore so it came very handy that ive discovered this very interessting profession. I've also decided to max titles with him and so far i've maxed 10 titles so "People know me" (for the people who doesnt know what i mean click ). I could have maxed even more titles but ive started with some difficult and more time consuming titles so that i dont have to do them later.

The paragon itself is pretty interessting because he is a ranged physical class like the ranger but with more support aspects. He's using Shouts, Songs and Chants to support the group. You can help your allies to deal more dmg or to deal a certain condition while attacking or you can help your allies to lose conditions or to move faster. With being so flexible this class is a really good choice for evryone esp. in PvE so i recommend all GW Players CREATE A PARAGON!

What do you guys think should I buy next? An Armor or some Minipets

.. What do you think? Actually i need both of them to get all the points for the Hall of Monument but tell with what i should start!

Dienstag, 19. Oktober 2010


This Weekend there will be hopefully the Guild Wars Halloween Event. There you can have lots of funny with doing quests, collecting trick-o-treat bags or just by playing Costume Brawl (an exclusive pvp format for that event) and ofcourse the Mad King will be there again!

The Costume Brawl is going to be diffrent this year, I dont know what they have changed but I guess they just changed some Skillbars or changed the Costumes.. Im not sure but they definitally gonna change something and maybe they also start the next Part of GW:Beyond. I'll keep you updated!

Sonntag, 17. Oktober 2010


Yesterday I decided to make a run through the Shards of Orr (SoO) because I needed this dungeon on my paragon for the Master of the North title. I allrdy did this dungeon in HM so I just had to do it in NM.

The dungeon is pretty tough because there u have to face lots of antimeelestuff like blindness and weakness combinated with their strong defence. It was pretty anyoing killing these mobs but the dungeon itself was beautiful. Very nice detailed areas, lots of cool things to see and especially my hope to get a nice drop from the endchest. It took me about 1hour to get to the boss of the dungeon and about 5min to kill him. At the end I got nothing special but it was still a nice run.

Now I just need to kill Duncan and then I'm with all the dungeons in NM and HM.

My Ritualist

Playing ritualist in GW was pretty much boring for a long time. With the introduction of the ritualist the spirits came. Immobile allies who support your group or attack the enemy. The problem was the long castingtime.. 3s each spirit is pretty long because most of the time 1 spirit isnt enough. So there some months ago there was this update where they decreased the castingtime in PvE to 3/4s or 1s and so its now more enjoyable playing a ritualist using spirits.

Playing ritualist in GW can be very funny because he can play many rolls. A DD, a Healer or a Supporter or a mixture between those 3 rolls. Having a ritualist in your group is cool because he can increase the dmg significantly and the spirits can provide either a good defence or a nice dmg.

Ive used to play ritualist in HA too and there you were most of the time a supportrt who buffs the dmg and removes nasty conditions/hexes. In PvE I just play my ritualist if someone needs help or wants to do a mission with me because playing him allone with heroes/henchmen is some kind of boring.

Samstag, 16. Oktober 2010

My Tour through the Domain of Anguish

Yesterday some of my friends decided to make a fullrun through the DoA. So i joined them with my paragon because he is quite important there. First we startet in HM and did the City and about 75% of the Veil but then we failed and we decided to start again but this time in NM and we did a pretty good job. It took about 2 Hours to get through all Areas with a 10min break. We had really nice drops there and it was a pretty enjoyable run.

Due to the fact that we had lots of human players there was also lots of things we could talk about. The only heroes we had were a smite monk and a n/rt healer. I had both of em and it was a bit annoying because i allways had to keep an eye on the bonds.. ye but it was still nice and killing Mallyx was pretty easy.

We may doing this today again but im not quite sure about that.

Freitag, 15. Oktober 2010

My Ele

Now im going to talk about my ele.
Like most of my Chars I dont play him too much anymore.
I used to play him alot in GvG because i like to play midline and I fucking love to snare/blind and nuke enemies.

 The most common mistake while playing Ele is that people think the fire attribute provides you a shitload of nukes. In PvP it might be right but in PvE it's bullshit because of the fucking high armor the foes have. That's why ive allways gonna stick to air or water because i can disable and deal a decent amount of dmg.

Today i will write something about my Ele

...but it may take some hours :( so please be patient

Mittwoch, 13. Oktober 2010

My Warrior

Okay now im going to introduce my warrior.
I used to play her alot in PvP, especially in HA where I played  a pretty nice dmgover-build.
I pretty much like playing warrior because if i do so i can lead the group and let them play like i want.
In randomarenas I did a pretty good job too. At first with the pretty standard pr axe build and later on I switched and stuck to cripslash, which is in my opinion one of the best ra elite skills. Ive also played hammerwarrior ofcouse. Although it was and still is pretty effective I didnt stick to it because it was boring.

In PvE, playing warrior is pretty boring. First of all u have to know that playing with sword and axe is pretty much not effective at all. Playing with Hammer makes u a decent groupsupporter because knockdowned foes wont deal dmg ;) I used to play a warrior with a build based on warriors endurance and a scythe. Nice dmg and with SY still nice groupsupport.

I havent played my warrior for a while because playing randomarenas with a meele is pretty frustrating because of the massive meelehate u have to face there and playing HA is impossible too because all my friends dont play gw anymore :,(

So there is the new Hall of Monuments Calculator

Some Days ago Anet released some new informations about the effects of the Hall of Monuments in GW2. We are going to get a nice armorset for each armortype, lots of weapons we know from GW1, some pretty nice minipets and very cool titles.

To get these awards you need to acomplish certain things in GW1. For example maxing Titles or giving your hero a heroarmor. Therefor u get points and those points u need to unlock those items,titles and minipets. You dont have to spend the points for the items you just unlock them so its pretty much the same with unlocking skills in GW1.

Anet also wants to give us the opportuinity  to know what titles we have to max, how many minipets we have to dedicate and so on. Therefor they released the Hall of Monuments Calculator. There u just have to type in a charactername and then ull see evrything uve unlocked till now.

Im so far at 43/50 points and im still working on it to get the 50 points. There is still much to do but also much time to do it .
This is the Link for the Calculator

Donnerstag, 7. Oktober 2010

My Monk

This is my Monk. Besides the Ranger it was my second Mainchar. My intention when creating the monk was farming. Im not pretty proud of it but yeah..this was my first intention and I also had the 55hp gear but i never farmed pretty much I guess I just wanted to see 55hp in action.

Since leveling took a long time in Prophecies i learned how funny it is to play this class. Ive used Divine Boon all the time because at this time those boon prots were pretty much popular at PvP and in PvE it was a nice-to-have-skill because it increased your heal significantly. I stuck to a build centered aroud this skill for a long time even if i were at max level.

I did lots of things with my monk, for example Fissure of Woe. It was quite funny there because it was not that hard if u have a decent backline and the drops were good too. After clearing the forge many times I decided to craft the Fissure of Woe armor for my monk. It was pretty hard to get the money for all pieces but after some months i got the complete armor and i was pretty much proud of it because it was my first FoW armor at all.

Now, I dont play my monk too much but when I do I tend to play in the Random Arena and gather some Gladiatorpoints to rank up my title. I think I do there a pretty much decent job and most of the time its enough for some victories.

Mittwoch, 6. Oktober 2010

My Ranger

This is my Ranger. It was my mainchar until ive discovered how nice a paragon is. Ive maxed 28 Titles,
I dont know how long it will take to max the last 2 titles.. actually its just one title i have to max because one of the two is Sweettooth and therefore i just need 1,2k points til max. The last one will be the kurzicktitle.. pretty boring but.. yeah.
I dont play her to much at the moment but shes my first choice for JQ.
One important note on my ranger or in general
i like all those tyrian skins without lazerz and bright colors. Thats why ive allmost have pretty cheap skins on her but ive just chosen them because i like them not because they are expensive.

Most of the time she uses a Dryad Bow, 
which is im my opion a really nice skin. 
The time ive played through pve with her i used 
2  Feathered Longbows, both q8 15^50 which is kinda
rare. For PvP she uses the allrdy mentioned Dryad Bow, 
an Eternal Bow, a Flatbow (for NPC ofc) and a Shieldset.

 While maxing Titles ive realised that the ranger itself 
with a bow is pretty much weak and thats why ive lost 
the will to play her again. So ive just maxed the titles and
stopped playing her at PvE. Although there are ways to play
the Ranger in a pretty effective way in PvE like using a
scythe or using daggers but i hate playing a meeleclass
in PvE thats why i stick to the bow.           


This is my new Blog im going to talk about my favourite game called Guild Wars.
At this point im pretty much convinced that im very experienced in this game. Ive done alot of stuff, i have lots of titles and im still working on more titles on more characters. So i guess im gonna show u i my next posts something about my characters.