Mittwoch, 6. Oktober 2010

My Ranger

This is my Ranger. It was my mainchar until ive discovered how nice a paragon is. Ive maxed 28 Titles,
I dont know how long it will take to max the last 2 titles.. actually its just one title i have to max because one of the two is Sweettooth and therefore i just need 1,2k points til max. The last one will be the kurzicktitle.. pretty boring but.. yeah.
I dont play her to much at the moment but shes my first choice for JQ.
One important note on my ranger or in general
i like all those tyrian skins without lazerz and bright colors. Thats why ive allmost have pretty cheap skins on her but ive just chosen them because i like them not because they are expensive.

Most of the time she uses a Dryad Bow, 
which is im my opion a really nice skin. 
The time ive played through pve with her i used 
2  Feathered Longbows, both q8 15^50 which is kinda
rare. For PvP she uses the allrdy mentioned Dryad Bow, 
an Eternal Bow, a Flatbow (for NPC ofc) and a Shieldset.

 While maxing Titles ive realised that the ranger itself 
with a bow is pretty much weak and thats why ive lost 
the will to play her again. So ive just maxed the titles and
stopped playing her at PvE. Although there are ways to play
the Ranger in a pretty effective way in PvE like using a
scythe or using daggers but i hate playing a meeleclass
in PvE thats why i stick to the bow.           

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